Chamba Helix Training
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February 2, 2014 to April 27, 2014

Sylvan Lake Park
845 Lake Markham Rd
Sanford, FL 32771 MAP


Chamba's Helix Training is a program designed to provide additional training for soccer players outside of team/club practices.

Field Training Soccer sessions will be designed to work “hand in hand” with the Performance Training completed at the previous session. Field sessions will also include a diversity of technical work followed by tactical training.

What you get when you sign up for an 16 or 8 Chamba HELIX Program Session package:


16 Session Program = (8) two‐hour Field Training + (8) one‐hour Performance Training 8 Session Program= (4) two‐hour Field Training + (4) one‐hour Performance Training

Individual Sessions: = You can also sign up for individual sessions (Individual sessions do not receive the additional bonuses of the package programs)

The Chamba HELIX Programs Packages include:

ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE TRAINING: Initial progression for each player over a 12‐week core building program (Player Stabilization / Body Correction & Strengthening)

Performance Testing: Player will participate in performing an initial and periodic asymmetry tests;

HELIX Profile Database: Each player’s profile will be recorded including height, weight, strength, and symmetry;

Player Performance Assessment and Consulting: Trainers will provide player feedback on performance results once compiled and analyzed. Player will be given recommended stretching and strengthening exercise.

FIELD TRAINING: Syncing the brain to the body with international technical and tactical training concepts to develop creative, intelligent, competitive, and skillful soccer players.

Field Surfaces: Chamba HELIX utilizes multiple field surfaces (Turf, Sand, Grass and Futsal) to challenge and train players to handle pressure, adversity and the ability to adapt to varying field environments.

Field Testing: Field testing will be provided on a periodic basis with measured performance results and guidance discussed with player and parent.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Players will be provided with character development instruction for on and off the field. Mentorship/Consultations: Access to the Chamba HELIX staff for individual needs or consultations.

HOMEWORK: Required daily homework for continuous physical training and educational learning will be provided to perform in between on‐site training sessions. (Players will be spot tested to see if homework was completed to meet program requirements).

Homework Assignments include: 1) Physical ‐ Perform field technical exercises, stretches and body strengthening. 2) Educational ‐ Materials to study, videos to review, tests to complete.

TRAINING KIT: Chamba Training Uniform (jersey and shorts), HELIX T‐shirt OFFICIAL HELIX JOURNAL: 3 Ring Binders for Weekly Session Notes, Homework, Training Log Entry, Articles, etc.


The players must be ready to train prior to the start of practice as the trainings will start ON TIME.

Our training topics will vary every week and will consist of skill development, tactical games and a very competitive environment; all while having fun.

All players will be treated as professionals and we expect the same from all of the participants. Players that do not contribute to a positive learning environment will be asked to leave.

Each Player or Guardian must register online and sign a waiver form before starting the session.


FIELD SESSIONS: SUNDAYS 3:00 PM- 5:00 PM. Will be held at the Lake Sylvan Park: 845 Lake Markham Rd, Sanford, FL 32771

PERFORMANCE SESSIONS: FRIDAYS 6:00 PM- 7:00 PM will be held at B Meyer Training: 1003 Orienta Avenue Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701 

ALTERNATE SESSIONS: ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Contact us to set a time, date and location. (We can also mix one of the sessions above with a different day for the other session) 

The 12 week sessions will consist of 1 hour training with Bryan Meyer which will consist of tests and performance work. The field sessions will take what was worked on with Bryan for the first part of the training and then move onto technical work followed by tactical training.

Week 1 -   Performance: Pillar and Foundation Movement Level 1 -                      Field: Dribbling with Awareness

Week 2 -   Performance: Pillar and Soccer Strength                                           Field: Dribbling to Penetrate

Week 3 -   Performance: Pillar and Deceleration Strength                                   Field: Passing for Possession

Week 4 -   Performance: Pillar and Transitional Strength                                    Field: Penetrating Passing

Week 5 -   Performance: Pillar and Soccer Movement                                        Field: Off the Ball Movement

Week 6 -   Performance: Pillar and Power  I to Strength                                     Field: Wide Service and Heading

Week 7 -   Performance: Pillar and Power II Speed to Strength                            Field: Bangoo Play and Finishing

Week 8 -   Performance: Pillar and Power III Speed to Strength                           Field: Finishing with the First Touch

Week 9 -   Performance: Pillar Strength to Power I                                            Field: Defensive Pressure with the Back Four

Week 10 -  Performance: Pillar Strength to Power II                                           Field: Transitional Play

Week 11 -  Performance: Pillar core endurance Strength to Power/Speed I             Field: High Pressure

Week 12 -  Performance: Pillar core endurance to Strength to Power/Speed II        Field: Chamba-Style